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Services: Website Audit / Application Audit

If you’re thinking about an eventual redesign/redevelopment of your website, web application, or mobile app, or want to do iterative work on the existing product, a website audit or application audit is the right way to start. It gives everyone detailed information to make objective decisions.

Our audits are full-scope (meaning technical as well as UX/design etc.), and take 2-4 weeks to turn around. They entail the following (deliverables dependent on the product – for example, mobile apps do not require an SEO review):

  1. On-page SEO review
  2. Usability & design review
  3. Content effectiveness review
  4. Duplicate content review
  5. Accessibility & indexation review
  6. Site architecture and infrastructure review
  7. General technical issues review
  8. Speed test
  9. Mobile review
  10. Security review
  11. Audit findings report with prioritized summary of action items

This covers the large majority of what you’d need to understand the full scope of pros and cons of your existing product. We’ve delivered large-scale audits for a variety of clients, including both regional and national industry associations and non-profits with thousands of members.

Interested? Email sales@paper-leaf.com and let’s get started!