What is Laravel app development?

PHP-based, Laravel is a free, open-source framework intended for the development of modern web applications. Laravel is based on Symfony – an older PHP-based web framework – and follows the model/view/controller (MVC) architectural pattern. 

It can also be argued that Laravel is uniquely qualified with regard to building enterprise-level apps compared to any other PHP framework. For one, enterprise apps include dependency and complexity, which Laravel’s Dependency Injection Container handles deftly. Two, background jobs processing often comes alongside enterprise web applications, and out of any major PHP framework, Laravel has the out-of-the-box queue system.

Laravel has been around since 2011, so sits in that perfect space of “battle-tested but not outdated”. A variety of first-party and third-party packages help extend functionality, and improve the efficiency of Laravel app development.

How Laravel is Used

Custom Software with Laravel app development

Developing a web application has the potential to transform your organization. Web applications take functions, tasks, and actions and turn them into a highly interactive web experience for your audience. This can provide a great deal of value to the users of the app and, more generally, to your organization as a whole. The custom software that is built in a Laravel app development project will:

  • create efficiency
  • position your organization as a leader
  • streamline and improve task processes
  • provide valuable data insights

Massive companies like Pfizer and BBC have relied on Laravel for their digital assets. Their app development projects have of course been large, complex undertakings  – the beauty of the Laravel framework is that it is flexible and scalable, appropriate for apps of any scale.  

Benefits of Laravel app development

An open-source system with enterprise level features

The Laravel framework has a robust set of features that make it one of the most popular choices for custom software development in the world. Laravel includes a modular packaging system (including its own dependency manager), multiple options for interfacing with relational databases, and multiple tools designed to make application deployment and maintenance a little easier and more efficient. It’s widely adopted, with a robust community and eco-system behind it. Here’s a closer look at some of the other benefits of Laravel:

Built-in authentication and authorization.

Security is a leading requirement of web applications and implementing secure authentication is incredibly simple with Laravel. What comes already configured out-of-the-box greatly reduces the effort required to organize logic and manage the varying permissions to access resources.

Robust and convenient packaging system.

Laravel apps have the major benefit of access to multiple support software or libraries that will help your web application automate certain processes. On top of what’s been made available in the open-source community, there are a number of official Laravel packages that are a testament to them building a framework that is stacked out-of-the-box for web application developments of all sizes.

Laravel apps are built for speed. 

Laravel applications are fast. Speed is a significant factor in overall user experience – the clunkier or slower an app is will have a direct impact on your conversion rate and, more generally, the overall sentiments of your brand. The Laravel framework supports popular cache backends which, by default, make the front-end experience smooth and responsive.

Easy integration with mail services.

Integrations with various mail services are essential for a great user experience, and with Laravel it is super straightforward to implement – this includes emails confirming successful submissions or SMS notifications.

Custom Laravel app development for your company

Licensed under the MIT license, Laravel makes a great combination with our client-friendly IP terms, which assign IP to you on payment. No hefty license fees, or shady ownership of the codebase by anyone except your organization.

Basically what this means is that no matter how you look at it, your risks are mitigated with Laravel. It’s open-source and thus no costly licenses; it’s battled tested and ran by Fortune 500 companies so you know it’ll scale as your needs do; and it’s widely adopted so vendor lock-in isn’t a concern. That’s why we pursued Laravel app development as a focus for our technological expertise, and why we recommend it to you.

Learn more about our web application development services and see if we are the right fit for your project.

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