Improving school zone safety awareness with a multi-platform app

Project Details

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To quote our client CAA directly, “School zones have changed a lot in the last decade. Today, nearly three quarters of kids are driven to school, which means there has been a significant increase in vehicle traffic to school zones – bringing with it more pollution and more unsafe driving behaviours.”

Those are some of the reasons CAA runs their School Zone Safety campaign focused around capturing data on and bringing attention to school zone driving infractions. However, in years past, volunteers would log all infractions on paper, then manually re-enter all that data into an Excel sheet – and like all manual and duplicate content capturing and entering processes, with that comes a huge amount of time, and errors. Thus, CAA looked to us to turn the paper-based process into a mobile app – but we only had 8 weeks.


Provinces Across Canada

The School Zone Safety App has been adopted by 6 provinces in Canada.


Infractions Tracked

Since launch, over 4,700 infractions (or behaviours) have been tracked and used to raise awareness.


Weeks to MVP

We delivered the initial MVP in 4 sprints, and have continued to optimize the product since then.

The End Result

CAA’s School Zone Safety app was a complete success: on time, on budget, well-received, and most importantly it provided a high-value solution to the problems around the old paper process. The app was rolled out as a pilot for two clubs, and following the success of the campaign and follow-up presentation to all clubs, two new Clubs signed up on the spot. We continue to work with CAA via retainer services on iterative development and user training for these new Clubs.

Since launch, the tool is now being deployed internationally, starting with New Zealand and Poland.

“My boss’ boss was amazed and thrilled with the pilot project and can’t wait to see more Clubs adopt the tool. This is very exciting! This is a big accomplishment within the CAA federation.”
Senior Manager, Public Affairs Division CAA National