A SaaS product to manage transport industry compliance

Project Details

Software as a Service Meets True Transportation Compliance

CayCan Safety Consulting is an Alberta-based company focused on safety and compliance for the transportation industry. As experts in the field, CayCan recognized an unmet need within the Canadian transportation landscape: truly compliant digital driver inspections. There are litany of daily inspection apps in the App Store, but none actually meet the compliance regulations as they’re set out. Further, none are built with both the driver and the employer in mind, wherein the employer can track and store data from the inspections for the requisite period of time. This led to the idea for ComplianceBox.

CayCan engaged us to build a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service application to solve this problem. The end result is a product that is the backbone of ComplianceBox as a technology company, and includes:

  • hosting & data infrastructure
  • a cross-platform mobile app, built with React Native
  • a responsive web app, built on Laravel
  • an API, built on Lumen



Nearly 1000 users have downloaded and used the ComplianceBox mobile app.


Defects Caught

Every defect resolved is a step towards safer roads for everyone – and this is growing exponentially.


Inspections Completed

To date, over 3500 inspections have been completed, growing by dozens a month.

Functionality At a Glance
  • Real-time view of each vehicle inspection status and history of repairs
  • Cloud storage for inspections, defects, images, and reports
  • Detailed dashboard and custom reporting
  • Connected with the National Safety Code and local legislation to ensure compliance
  • Dynamically delivers the appropriate inspection or maintenance interval depending on the vehicle type
  • Full SaaS billing management

ComplianceBox launched in the late winter of 2020 to a closed group of users, and has recently opened up for signups – at the time of publishing, over 500 drivers have signed up and counting.

Kris Fulgham
“Their initial setup for building the project and process to determine the features we wanted and how to develop the app was really fantastic. Instead of having us come up with all the definitions of how the app should function, we focused instead on the end result we wanted to see each of the user stories be able to tell. Then, we worked backward from there on features and functionality. If we hadn’t have done that step, we wouldn’t have had outside-the-box thinking, and our app would be just a carbon-copy of our competitors’.”
Kris Fulgham Owner, CayCan Safety Consulting Ltd.