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Digital projects that entail custom software execution – that is, the design and build of complex websites, web applications, and mobile apps – can bring huge value to a business or organization. But with big reward comes big risk. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Discovery Phase to our clients who come in with their next digital project on their plate.

Discovery is a multi-step offering that is designed to figure out exactly what your project needs to deliver value. It helps us avoid building costly, high-effort features into your product that don’t bring much value to your organization; conversely, it helps us discover the features that bring real ROI to your product.

Today, 90% of our custom product development projects involve a Discovery Phase – even for clients who come back to us for new projects. Actually, our Discovery process is so proven that we wrote a whole book about it. The Discovery Phase is a smaller, quicker engagement that gets us centred and on the right path, and dictates features, cost and timeline for the following Design & Build phase. Discovery usually includes:

  1. User research
  2. Technology research
  3. User personas
  4. Architecture and content workshops
  5. User story generation & prioritization
  6. Acceptance criteria creation
  7. Moodboarding exercises
  8. Workflow mapping workshop
  9. Architecture diagrams

In 2012, the University of Oxford conducted a study based on over 5,000 IT projects. They found that, on average, “large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time while delivering 56% less value than predicted. Software projects run the highest risk of cost and schedule overruns.”

The Discovery services we offer at Paper Leaf are a proven step in avoiding those risks. Interested? Fill out the form below, or email sales@paper-leaf.com and let’s get started!

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