Found Friday Vol 91

Found Fridays

It’s Found Friday, back from the dead (or a few-week hiatus, anyway)! It feels like we should have a zombie theme this week or something. But we don’t. Instead, we have the following goodies:  a new, beautiful, free responsive jQuery slider; a great article on the cost of responsive web design; a beautiful floating mug; a dual digital/Polaroid camera; and a iPhone weather app inspired by Dieter Rams. Share away!


There’s no shortage of sliders out there. I don’t know what it is about them: whenever a newer, seemingly better one comes out, I have to try it. Next up to bat: RefineSlide. There’s some awesome animations happening here.


How Much Does a Responsive Web Design Cost?

How much does a responsive web design cost? It’s an unanswerable question – you need to dig in more to figure that out. Read this article to learn how to do that very thing.

Responsive Web Cost

The Floating Mug

It floats! (not really) It respects wood! (it’s not a sentient being, so I’m lying again) It’s beautiful & innovative – now, that’s truth. Good enough for me – check it out!

Floating Mug

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

This beauty gives you an old-school polaroid while recording the same shot digitally. It’s like a hipster riding a Segway or something.

Polaroid Instant Digital


WTHR is so minimal it doesn’t even have vowels. It’s a beautiful design, apparently based on Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles of Design. Cool.

See you next week!

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