Found Friday Vol 19

Found Fridays

Once again, there were many great finds in the design community this week. Here on Found Friday Vol 19, we have an article dealing with design by committee *shudder*, cool wall decals to spice up your office or home, a gorgeous notebook, the new Lumix camera and its great industrial design, and a fun poster on typography moustaches. Enjoy!

How to Navigate Design by Committee

Design by committee rarely, if ever, results in design of any value. Read this great article on SixRevisions on how to get the most out of the process.

Blik Wall Decals

We used Black Pearls at our wedding, and they’re a great alternative to more traditional wall decorations. Check ’em out!

MUCU Notebooks

I can never get enough of great notebooks and sketchpads. Here are a couple more for those of you like me!

Panasonic Lumix LX5

I think our old Lumix might have an unfortunate accident soon, so I can justify picking up this beautiful camera. A high-end point & shoot with Leica glass, full manual control and more.

Know Your Typestache

Show off your typographic nerdery and your love of moustaches all in one fun poster.

See you next week!

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