Found Friday Vol 87

Found Fridays

Found Friday 87 is here, and it’s chock-full of resources and other cool stuff. We have: a bunch of limited-time free design resources; some code snippets for your WordPress functions file; how to fix Photoshop’s banding issue with gradients; a sweet modular workspace; and an article detailing the improvements to Photoshop CS6. Read on!

Creative Market – Free Goods

Who doesn’t like free design resources – especially well-made ones? These are only free for a bit, so check ’em out!

Creative Market Design resources

Category Functions for WordPress

Spice up your categories with these tutorials from Perishable Press. Handy stuff for WordPress developers here.

Category Functions for WordPress

Photoshop Action to Fix Gradient Banding

Photoshop’s gradients have really bad banding, which everyone complains about (including yours truly). This action fixes that, albeit at the expense of a much larger end file. Still.

No More Gradient Banding

Tetra Shed

I love stuff like this. Super interesting, well-designed modular office that you can set up in your garden, according to the website. Unless, you know, you live in Edmonton, wherein you will perish within 15 minutes on a standard January day.

Tetra Shed

Photoshop CS6 Improvements

All I’m going to say is this: apply layer styles to groups. And this: there’s other cool stuff afoot with Photoshop CS6. (via @kylefox)

Photoshop CS6 Improvements

See ya next week!

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