Found Friday Vol 53

Found Fridays

This marks the 53rd week, or second year, of Found Fridays. I suppose that means there is no shortage of design goods out there! This week’s find includes: “Apple” cores for your Apple cords; a bunch of useful CSS3 generating tools; an article on some lesser-talked-about parts of being a web designer; a fun DIY shower curtain; and a bunch of awesome product packaging designs. All these items were found by our intern, Suzie!

Apple Cores

Cords are a pain. Apple Cores provide a simple, elegant solution to that pain. The end.

Apple Core

10+ Useful Tools to Simplify CSS3 Development

CSS3 is where it’s at, but it can be tough to remember the various effects you can apply, how to make them work in most browsers, and so forth. Let these tools help you, young design Padawan.

CSS3 Tools

8 Things They Don’t Tell You About Being a Web Designer

Some good tips in this article for young/aspiring web designers; not just complaining either, a trap which some articles of this ilk can fall into. Read & heed!

8 Things About Being a Web Designer

DIY Shower Curtain

This shower curtain comes with a permanent black marker so you can draw up your own designs. Just make sure you hide the marker if you throw a party, lest your shower curtain become R-rated.

DIY Shower Curtain

Inspiring Product Packaging

Product packaging design is a lot different than print or web design; namely, it’s three-dimensional. It can be tough to visualize a design when you’re in the beginning stages too – so maybe these quality designs will help get your creative ball rolling.

Inspiring Product Packaging

See you next week!

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