5 Sites That Made Me a Better Web Developer


Web development is a daunting challenge to tackle. The required skill set is only getting more and more complex over time, especially with the advent of responsive design and an infinite amount of internet-enabled devices. You can’t expect to learn everything yourself; I know I sure didn’t. Over the time I’ve been developing websites, I realized that there were some resources I used more than others, some resources that were obviously stronger, faster, and better, and some resources that every developer should know about. What do all of these resources have in common? They helped me become a much better web developer.


Treehouse is an online application aimed at changing (for the better) how people learn web design, web development, and iOS development. Through an extensive library filled with videos, tutorials, and articles, Treehouse provides the tools necessary to increase and broaden your skills whether you’re a seasoned veteran of code or a veritable tabula rasa. They provide some of the best php 5 tutorials I have found. In addition to the complete development catalog ranging from HTML to PHP and iOS Development, Treehouse also provides business courses aiding those looking for to run or build their company.

Stack Overflow

I’m sure many of you have heard of or used Stack Overflow before, and if not, then buckle up. This is the holy grail of problem solving and troubleshooting. Ever need to bounce an idea or some code off of someone? How about the entire galaxy? Welcome to Stack Overflow.

Boiled down, it’s a question and answer site, but the combined knowledge and helpfulness of the Stack Overflow community has yet to be unmatched. Not only will other developers genuinely try and help diagnose and correct the issue, but they’ll also push you to learn and do it yourself, instead of relying on someone else’s code. Furthermore, one of the best ways to learn is to teach, so if you see a question or a problem that you have experience with, get in there and join the conversation.


Codecademy is a free, easy-to-use web app whose mission is to teach the world to code. Through interactive tutorials, built by skilled teachers, Codecademy lets the user pick from a number of web languages (PHP, Javascript, etc) and work their way from syntax to full-scale projects. Codecademy also encourages users to complete lessons and goals, granting badges and points for encouragements along the way – a little bit of gamification. Plus there is also the option to join groups and community forms for some cool code interaction. Best of all, it’s free!


Unheap is what you wish your library looked like… assuming you’re a web developer, or web-developer-in-training. This helpful website is an easily sortable and navigable repository of jQuery plugins, with quick links to both demos and source code. It has a huge selection of things from sliders to tooltips to scrolling animations and much more. Honestly? That’s all there is to say.

WP Codex

I feel like mentioning the WP Codex is kind of cheating to be honest, and it’s also super specific to WordPress developers – but it did make me a better developer, sooooo…

With full documentation on every WordPress PHP function, as well as examples and test cases, the Codex is the bible of WordPress, the Holy Grail per se. If you want to do something in WordPress but don’t know how, this is the first place to look.

Rdio (Bonus)

Okay okay okay, this has nothing to being a developer, but it does help you getting into that development zone. Listen your ears off to a million songs, from Daft Punk to P-Funk.

There you have it – 5 (+1) sites that made me a better web developer. What are some sites that helped your skills?

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