10 Free New Web Fonts You Can Use Today


As we continue to progress through this relatively new era of web fonts, we see more & more choices available to us. We have a plethora of well-designed fonts to pick from for our design projects, and quite a few of them are free too. Slab serifs? Script? Humanist sans? All these and more are at our fingertips – so, with that in mind, here are ten well-designed & free new web fonts you can use today.


This well made sans-serif typeface has 8 weights for download.

Cabin Web Font


A bold, heavy slab-serif.

Bevan Web Font


A playful script font.

Pacifico Web Font

Quattrocentro Roman

A classy serif font, similar to Trajan in some regards.

Quattrocentro Roman


A heavier, almost utilitarian sans-serif.

Oswald Web Font


A bold sans-serif that would be great for headlines.

Steelfish Web Font

Maven Pro

A semi-casual sans-serif.

Maven Pro Web Font

Dancing Script OT

A classic handwriting-style script font.

Dancing Script Pro Web Font

Springsteel Serif

4 weights of this slab-serif typeface are available for download. Gorgeous.

Springsteel Serif Web Font


A laid-back sans-serif with some personality.

Amaranth Web FontAs always, make sure to use your newfound web font powers for good, not evil. Enjoy!

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