Top Web Design Bookmarks of 2010


It’s nearing year-end, and thus nearing the time when people put together all their year-end lists. With the popularity of our 2009 edition of the Top Web Design Bookmarks post, I figured it’d be about time to write up the 2010 version. So here it is! Keep in mind, these are a few posts, apps, and other such bookmarkable web-design-related goodies I’ve personally found throughout my online wandering in 2010. I invite you to let me know some that I’ve missed that you feel are worthy in the comments below!

Who the Hell Are You, Anyway?

A great article on BoagWorld about the About page on websites – how it’s been forgotten, put on the backburner, and how to write an effective about us page.

Writing About Pages

Popout Details on Hover w/CSS

A great tutorial covering a cool technique. Potentially really useful for thumbnail-style portfolio pages/sites.

Popout on Hover CSS Effect

40 Useful jQuery Techniques & Plugins

A whole giant collection of awesome jQuery stuff from the ladies & gents at Smashing Magazine.

40 jQuery Tools

See the rest after the break!

Orbit Slider

I haven’t had a chance to use this slider yet, but it looks stellar. Simple to implement, great styling and cross-browser friendly.

Orbit jQuery Slider

My Favorite Icons

Icon collections are a dime a dozen, but they’re out there because web designers need & use them quite a bit. This in-depth collection should cover most everything you might need.

My Favourite Icons


Technically 2009, but I didn’t discover it until recently. I haven’t tried this app/plugin yet, but I’m looking to; essentially, ClickHeat can create a heatmap showing where users are clicking on a site. Bonus: there is a WordPress plugin too. Try not to let the mid-90’s style & terminology in the screengrab below through you. If you’ve tried it, let me know how it worked for you!


Bounce App

A dead-simple way to “share ideas on a website”. Grab a screenshot, upload it, and make notes overtop of it. Multiple people can leave their notes too, which makes it a great too for deconstructing a design.

Bounce APp

12 Awesome Web Design/Development Tools

I use a variety of these on nearly every web project I run; I suggest you have a read as you might find some you can use too!

12 Web Design Tools

Mockup Present

We just started using this near the end of the year, and it’s been awesome. It’s a simple way to present your web mockups to your clients. All you have to do is make one or two slices/crops, upload through your FTP, and change a few lines of code. Voila!

Mockup Present


Make your CSS more awesomer.


CSS Superscrub

Make your CSS more cleanerer.

CSS Scrub

CSS3 Please

Make your CSS more….three?

CSS3 Please

This definitely isn’t a comprehensive, be-all-end-all list – I much prefer digestible lists myself, as opposed to the “4,129 Facebook Icons for Designers” posts. That being said, I bet you readers know of a whole bunch of other web design bookmarks that are interesting. So share away in the comments!

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