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Found Friday Vol 47


Hey all – welcome to Found Friday Vol 47, the weekly series where we round up our favorite design-related finds of the week. This week, we have the following: coding up a timeline in HTML & CSS, font-embedding icons with @font-face, some fun pixel oven mitts, an article on usability and CSS3 columns, and finally a bunch of advice from experienced people in the design community. It’s a good group this week – enjoy!

Coding Up a Semantic, Lean Timeline

Check out this visual timeline, built with CSS & HTML. Slick looking and fairly easy to customize and implement.

CSS Timeline

Font-Embedding Icons

This could be huge. Using embedded fonts as icons? Think of the speed, the ease of changing icons… great possibilities here.

Font Embedding Icons

Pixel Oven Mitts

If you’re a design nerd who cooks a lot – like me – what better kitchen tool to have than Pixel Oven Mitts? Fun & useful!

Pixel Oven Mitts

Usability and CSS3 Columns

This article is a good read – it explores CSS3’s ability to display columns while talking about how & when to implement the feature.

CSS3 Columns

The Design Community Offers its Favorite Bits of Design Advice

To stay on top of the ever-changing design field, we need to constantly learn and look to our peers. This post has some great bits of advice from well-known designers – have a read!

Design Advice

See you next week!

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