Paper Leaf Wins 3 Ember Awards


On November 8, we travelled to Calgary for the 2019 Ember Awards. The next day, we travelled home toting 3 different awards! That’s right, we were fortunate enough to be 3x Ember Award Winners, winning in each of the following categories:

The Ember Awards are put on by Digital Alberta, are judged by a panel of well-known, international judges, and recognize not only award-winning agencies in Edmonton, but across the entire province of Alberta. There are some truly talented shops, and innovative organizations, across the province; it feels good to be a part of it.

collage of work

The work we won for couldn’t have been done without our hard-working and committed clients. Paper Leaf is only half of the equation. Firesmart’s mobile app is a leader in its field, but never would have happened without the tireless work ethic to make things happen from the client side. CKUA’s new site completely reinvented the organization, but that reinvention was in large part spearheaded by the client as well. Lastly, Labtag’s new site was a technically complex undertaking, requiring talented people from both sides to make it happen.

So, thanks to them, and to the project teams, and to Digital Alberta!

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