On Our New Website Design

For Our Clients

If you’re reading this and aren’t using an RSS Feed or other content-repurposing service, you’re looking at V3 of the Paper Leaf Design website. It has been a long time coming – we fell victim to the ol’ shoemaker’s shoes saying – but now we’re live and we’re happy campers. Items to note that may be of interest to you:

  • we have a new portfolio with a ton of new client work
  • that new portfolio has a fancy new jQuery sorting capability
  • we now have pagination from portfolio item to portfolio item
  • the whole experience has been made more seamless.

Our overall goal with the redesign was to have a website that served to showcase the content (aka our work) as opposed to one that battles the content for attention. This is why we went the direction of subtle patterns and largely minimalist styling, including the shift to using blue as a secondary color.

As always, this new design is in its infancy, so we’re still working out some bugs here and there. If you spot anything wonky, please let us know. We’d also love to hear you feedback in the comments. Thanks!

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