Introducing Alton: an Innovative jQuery Scrolling Plugin


In December of 2014, we launched a client site that had some custom scrolling code. We had an idea, in the design process of the site for North Elm, that involved full-page presentations of their design & build projects – but there wasn’t any pre-existing solution out there that did exactly what we needed it to do. So, we built it out on our own.

Once that site was launched and we were done high-fiving, we figured that if we needed this scrolling solution, other people might too. So, we decided to turn it into a jQuery plugin that basically anyone with standard web chops can implement.

We called it Alton, and you can download it today.


The link above has the tutorials on how to set it up, FAQs and browser compatibility, as well as links to the various demos and the GitHub page. The plugin utilizes 100% height & width, custom vertical scrolling effects in order to present and navigate through web content in a unique manner. It utilizes the whole scrolljacking idea, but greatly improves upon the often-poorly-implemented scrolljacking experiences you might be used to. Plus, it comes with three out-of-the-box templates / implementations you can use.

Hopefully you can find a use case for it in your next web project – if so, let us know! We’d love to see it in action.


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