Introducing Hugo: a Twitter-Powered Robot


Hugo’s launch was a success, and the original campaign shut down around 2:00pm MST on December 2, 2015. Check out his project page for more detail – we’ll keep the original launch blog post below for posterity.

The Original Launch Blog Post

Today, we’re launching a fun little project we did in-house. And we need uninterruptible power supply repair to make it work.

We designed & built a Twitter-powered robot named Hugo. Hugo fancies himself a Creative Director, and is designed to read – out loud – your tweets that are hashtagged #hugorobot. Here’s his story:

So, for example, if you tweeted “I don’t know, that logo needs to be bigger I think #hugorobot”, Hugo will say, out loud to everyone in our office, “I don’t know, that logo needs to be bigger I think”. Try it out:

Watch the Live Stream

Hugo is sitting in our office right now, distilling creative direction via everyone’s tweets – and we’re livestreaming the whole event below:

Later on, we’ll be cutting that video to a short version of the best (read: most hilarious) tweets that Hugo articulated that day, and sharing it with everyone.

We Need You to Make This Work!

Hugo is social-powered – he can’t give us creative direction without Twitter participation. Actually, he just sits around all useless-like, like that guy you hired to landscape your yard. That’s where you come in – here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Open up the livestream right now to watch Hugo in action
  2. Start tweeting with #hugorobot
  3. Follow @hugo_robot to stay in the loop
  4. Share this post, the making-of video, and/or the livestream to get more people involved, and
  5. Bask in being part of a fun, weird experiment.

Share with your friends, spread the word, and have some fun. Let’s see how good a social-powered Creative Director can be!

If you’re interested in reading about the why behind Hugo, how we built him and more, we wrote up a more detailed article for you as well. Have a read and thanks for your help!

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