Found Friday Vol 84

Found Fridays

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with Found Friday vol 84! This week, we have: a neat online app for collaborative sharing of anything from photos to websites and much more; a free WordPress theme for showing in-browser static web design mockups to your clients; a free, better guides plugin for Photoshop; an article on what we’re forgetting when we’re criticizing websites; and a beautiful, all-wood bathtub. Read on!


Dropmark is dead-simple cloud collaboration. Share photos, links, and much more via a drag & drop interface – actually, just go watch the video. They explain it better than I can. (via swiss-miss)


Design Presenter

I just discovered that our static web design mockup presenter tool breaks in the newest version of Chrome, which led me on a hunt that turned up Design Presenter. This free WordPress theme allows you to easily upload & share your web design mockups with your clients. Handy!

Design Presenter WordPress Theme


To quote GuideGuide, “Dealing with Photoshop guides is a pain. With GuideGuide, it doesn’t have to be. Pixel accurate columns, rows, midpoints, and baselines can be created based on your document or marquee with the click of a button.” It’s a free plugin for CS4+. (via @slhomme)


Six Things User Experience Designers Forget When They Criticize Websites

We’ve all done it – got up on our high horse and criticized a freshly launched or discovered site. But we’re missing a lot of information, aren’t we? This article is a must-read for anyone in the UX/UI/web design field. (via @liser)

UX Counts

Alegna Wooden Bathtubs

I’m featuring these because a) they’re beautiful works of industrial design, and b) I wouldn’t mind wrapping up my week by lounging in one. Gorgeous.

Wooden Bathtub

See you next week!

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