Found Friday Vol 70

Found Fridays

Found Friday Volume 70 is here, and with it we have the following great design/development finds from the past week: a beautiful wallpaper design based off a Steve Jobs quote; a site with a bunch of commonly used documents for web design/dev; a great responsive website framework; a collection of UX/UI documentation from large businesses like Adobe; and a big collection of links/posts regarding WordPress theme development. It’s a quality collection this week, folks!

Real Artists Ship Wallpaper

Free for your smartphone, tablet or desktop, this wallpaper is not only beautiful – it’s motivating to boot (via @swissmiss). We call that a double whammy in “the biz”.

Real Artists Ship Wallpaper

DocPool is “an effort to share and improve commonly used documentation in the web design & development community”. A great resource for web design/development freelancers both veteran and rookie (via @DesignerDepot).


Fluid Baseline Grid

The Fluid Baseline Grid System is an “HTML5 & CSS3 development kit that provides a solid foundation to quickly design websites with ease.” Mobile first and responsive too. Definitely check this out (via @DesignerDepot).

Fluid Baseline Grid

Official Usability, UX & UI Guidelines from Companies

Ever wonder what the big guns – IBM, Adobe, Sony etc – are looking at when it comes to their guideline documents? Now you can see – this post has links to a bunch of downloadable guides from the above-mentioned companies, and more.

UX & UI Guidelines

The Ultimate (Free!) WordPress Theme Development Toolkit

This post has a ton of useful tools for any and every WordPress developer. Check it out, bookmark/download the items you are interested it, and increase your skills. Your WordPress skills. The ladies dig them, I swear.

Ultimate WordPress Development Toolkit

See you next week!

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