Found Friday Vol 55

Found Fridays

This week’s instalment of Found Fridays is a mixed bag of greatness. We have: a great article on the disconnect between designers & clients; how to create a “body border” that goes around the inside of a browser window; caffeinated popcorn for you late-night designers; an article on WordPress image management; and a nice, free display typeface from the League of Movable Type.

The Design Disconnect

This a must-read for any and all designers, I think. The author, Ross, talks about his struggles with design, client revisions, and the like. If you’re a designer, you will relate.

Design Disconnect

Creating a Body Border

A (older but updated to reflect new methods) tutorial on how to create a border that goes around the inside of your browser window. Web design trickery!

Creating a Body Border

Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn

Designers & developers can be known to burn the midnight oil. Instead of brewing up a pot of coffee to keep you awake to hit that deadline, why not try caffeinated popcorn? Weird. I think I’ll stick to the coffee.

Caffeinated Popcorn

Better Image Management with WordPress

WordPress is our CMS of choice; that’s been beaten into the ground by this point. However, it’s not perfect and there are always ways to improve it – and this article touches on exactly that, focusing on handling images within the CMS.

Better Image Management with WordPress

Ostrich Sans

Odd name, pretty cool typeface. 5 different fonts are in this family, and they’re good for display use (exclusively, I’d say).

Ostrich Sans Typeface

See you next week!

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