Found Friday Vol. 44

Found Fridays

Bonjourno, and welcome to vol 44 of Found Fridays – the best graphic & web design finds on the whole wide internet. This week, we have a Graphic Designer’s Roadmap infographic, a bunch of cross-browser compatibility tools, a fun internet wishlist site, a gorgeous iPod stereo, and some useful free wireframing tools.

Graphic Designer’s Roadmap Infographic

A while ago, I was interviewed over on SmartPress. We covered a variety of bases around graphic design, skills, career growth and more. Well, the fine gents at SmartPress interviewed many other designers, and compiled all the data into this solid infographic. Interesting questions answered interestingly, and beautified! Check it out.

Graphic Designer's Roadmap Infographic

10 Cross-Browser Compatibility Tools

Anyone who’s built a website knows the hassles faced when trying to optimize for all the popular browsers – Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE *shudder*, and Opera. There are a bunch of tools out there designed to make our lives as web designers easier; have a look at this article for some of the best ones.

Cross Browser Compatibility Tools

The Internet Wishlist

“The Internet Wishlist is a collection of ideas for apps and websites people are wishing for. Ideas range from web to mobile, realistic to imaginary, and helpful to humorous.” That about sums it up – definitely worth a look (via swiss-miss).

Internet Wishlist

Thodio iBox

Expensive, but deservedly so – this iPod/iPhone stereo is simply gorgeous, and a bit playful too. Bravo to the designer who created this gem.

Thodio iBox

10 Completely Free Wireframing & Mockup Tools

Wireframing and mocking up website designs can speed up the web design process quite a bit; again, there are tools out there designed to do this very thing. Check these out.

Wireframing and Mock Up Tools

See you next week!

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