Found Friday Vol 43

Found Fridays

Welcome to Found Friday Vol 43; the best design finds of the week! This week we have the following: a great article on measuring the effectiveness of web designs, a roundup of new web tools/fonts etc for designers, a digital note-taking machine, a new file format for eco-friendly designers, and beautiful letterpress wallpaper.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Web Designs

If you’re a freelance web designer, or if you run your own web design business, you learn pretty quickly that the sites you’re building need to be effective. They can’t just look nice, or else you’ll quickly run out of clients. This article outlines some tools and ways to measure your web design effectiveness.

Measuring Effectiveness of Websites

What’s New For Web Designers – Feb 2011

There are always a boatload of new fonts, web apps, tools and more being released every month that aid designers in their day-to-day. This article highlights some of the best of February 2011.

What's New for Web Designers 2011


A simple, beautiful, relatively cheap way to record digital notes. If the iPad is too much for you, check out the NoteSlate.


Save as WWF

WWF file format is a new development from the World Wildlife Foundation – essentially, it’s a PDF that can’t be printed (thus saving trees). Check it out. (via swiss-miss)


Letterpress Wallpaper

Type nerds, rejoice! Share your love of typefaces by wallpapering your house!

Letterpress Wallpaper

See you next week.

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