Found Friday Vol 35

Found Fridays

This week has been crazy. Crazier than Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind – and that’s crazy. This week’s design finds include: how to make your own font, how to use your logo to up brand recognition, an awesome designy gift shop, some cool sleeves for all your gadgets, and a book on beer (designs from around the world, so it fits!). Sounds good for a Friday, right?

How to Make Your Own Font

I imagine most designers out there at some point or another have tossed around the idea of making their own font. If you’re interested, this article from Just Creative Design is a good starting point.

How to Make a Font

10 Places to Use Your Logo to Maximise Brand Exposure

Instead of the oft-heard “make the logo bigger!”, why not follow the tips in this article? It’ll be a better way of doing what your client really wants: upping brand exposure.

Maximize Your Brand Exposure

SwissMiss Gift Shop

SwissMiss is a daily read for me, and now she’s launched an Amazon shop of some of her favorite things. Have a look – there’s some beautifully designed stuff in there.

SwissMiss Design Gift Shop

Selvedge Sleeves

Sleeves for everything! Passports! Laptops! iPhones! And they all match to boot – you’ll be so stylish and whatnot. I dig ’em.

Selvedge Sleeves


It’s Friday! Fitting to have an entry about beer, but this book is “a visual tour of a collection of cans … vast and varied”. So you can have it on your desk with the excuse that you have it for the DESIGN aspect, not the BEER aspect. But we all know the truth.

Beer Design Book

See you next week!

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