Found Friday Vol 33

Found Fridays

33… the number of the great Scottie Pippen. Completely unrelated to that are this week’s design finds on the internet, and we have some goodies: some great magazine layout inspiration, an awesome iPod watch band, weirdly awesome robot art notebooks, a “make a terrible logo” contest, and an important article on landing page optimization. Read on:

Magazine Cover & Layout Design Inspiration

Laying out/designing a magazine is a huge undertaking, but it is a lot of fun and can be very rewarding when you see the end product. If you have an upcoming magazine design project, check out this post for some inspiration!

Magazine Layout & Design

iPod Watch Band

The new iPod Nano is aptly named; it’s small. And beautiful. Plus, fire an awesomely designed rubber wristband around it and you have a nifty watch… a nifty FUTURISTIC watch.

iPod Watch Band


Milocraft is run by a friend of ours who makes the weirdest little robot notebooks ever. She also sells the original weird robot artwork. If the notebooks aren’t a killer stocking stuffer, I don’t know what is. I love ’em; grab them from Etsy or, if you’re in Edmonton, buy them in person at the Handmade Mafia Nov 27.


How Low Can Your Logo Go? Contest

99% of the time, the design community gets up in arms about design contests of any ilk (and rightfully so, in my opinion). This is the 1% where they don’t: a contest to design the worst logo ever. It begins November 15; I will be entering. Fun!

Bad Logo Contest

Landing Page Optimization Tips

There is an art to getting conversions or meeting goals on a specific page (say, getting the user to sign up for a service). Design plays a huge role in the effectiveness of these landing pages; check out this article for some great tips & visual examples of good & bad techniques.

Landing Page Optimization Tips

Til next week!

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