Found Friday Vol 31

Found Fridays

Hey all, and welcome to volume 31 of Found Fridays – the best design finds of the week. This week we’re all over the place: some fun Halloween wallpapers for your desktop, a great article on effective call-to-action buttons, furniture made from old mines (yes, mines), a must-read article for designers on justifying your design decisions, and a complete guide to WordPress as a CMS. Read on!

Festive Halloween Wallpapers to Ghost Your Screen

It’s that time of year! Know how I know? It snowed in Edmonton the other day. Thus, it must be close to Halloween. Anyway, get in the moment and rock one of these Halloween wallpapers. Well-designed to boot!

Halloween Desktop Wallpapers

Attract Your Visitors With Call-to-Action Buttons : Best Examples

We’ve had a few questions of late from clients about call-to-action buttons – namely, their purpose and how they’re to be used. Here’s a good article talking about these very things, and showcasing some great examples.

Best Call to Action Buttons

Mine Furniture

Yes, this is furniture made from old mines. Sounds crazy – and it is – but it’s awesome. Just look at the fireplace and tell me you don’t want it.

Mine Fireplace

When A Thousand Words Is Worth A Picture

As designers, we are constantly faced with the need to explain our design decisions & why we made them. It can be difficult at times, as we’ve all had clients who hire us for our expertise and then don’t use it. Read this article on Smashing Magazine to understand the importance of justifying your design decisions to clients and to learn best practices to do so effectively.

Justifying Your Design Decisions

The Complete WordPress-as-a-CMS Guide

We are unabashed WordPress fiends. We use it as a CMS for a variety of reasons – it’s easy for clients to learn, it has a huge user base, it’s open source and more. This article goes in-depth about using WordPress as a CMS – read it if you’re interested in jumping into the WP realm, or even if you’re already a seasoned WP user. You might learn something new!

Wordpress as a CMS

That’s it! See you next week.

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