Found Friday Vol 24: Edmonton!

Found Fridays

That’s right, this week we have a special edition of Found Fridays, with a focus on Edmonton-based products and articles that designers like you and I dig. We have some awesomely illustrated planners, a free design/art/music/lifestyle magazine, a shop with a variety of prints and novels for sale, a great post detailing the logo design process for a large-scale baseball tourney, and a great online wall decal shop . And this week’s finds aren’t only available/of interest to Edmontonians either; these goodies are available to one and all.

VeeKee Workshop

VeeKee makes amazingly illustrated agendas for sale; pick one up and keep your life organized. Sexily organized.

VeeKee Workshop - Edmonton Design

Parlour Magazine

Parlour Magazine features awesome a) writing, b) design, c) photography and d) stories. We were fortunate enough to garner a mention in one of their issues, but there are much more interesting people and events being covered in every issue. Past features include Lady Gaga, Metric and more. Check it out – free if you can pick it up in Edmonton, or you can subscribe!

Parlour - Edmonton Design Magazine

International Beauty Saloon

A two-person team, International Beauty Saloon offers beautifully crafted goods like show posters, graphic novels, and prints. Have a look, even if only for inspiration.

International Beauty Saloon - Edmonton Design & Illustration

Branding the World Women’s Baseball Cup

A friend of mine is a designer over at Urban Jungle, an Edmonton marketing firm. This post details the thought processes and progression of designing the logo for the 2010 World Women’s Baseball Championship – definitely worth a read, and the end result is great and far from any standard athletic designs out there.

UJM - Edmonton Design for Baseball Cup


Peelmonkey, aside from having a great name, is a surface decal company (like Blik, but from Edmonton). They have some amazing designs available for purchase from their site; I highly recommend clicking through. Great artwork, great decoration for your workspace or home.


That’s it that’s all! See you next week – and if you have any submission suggestions for future Found Fridays, email me!

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