Found Friday Vol 15

Found Fridays

We’re back with Volume 15 of Found Fridays – all the best designy finds of the week. This week includes a great jQuery trick for full-page backgrounds, ruminations on design agency life vs. freelancing, 3 takes on blogging as a marketing tool, a cool Helvetica lowercase ‘a’ stool, and a sweet dual-screen laptop. Read on, readers!

jQuery Easy Background Resize

We shared another method on how to do this in our Top Web Design Bookmarks of 2009, but this version is much easier with way less code. Check it out!

jQuery Easy Background Resize

Design Agency Vs. Freelance Life

Jacob Cass, of Just Creative Design, now also works for NYC’s Carrot Creative. He shares his thoughts on the pros & cons of agency life versus freelancing life. An interesting read for sure.

Agency vs. Freelance Life

3 Perspectives on Marketing a New Business through Blogging

In my opinion, blogging is a great tool for any small business – whether you’re a freelancer designer or not. This article links to three different perspectives on blogging as a marketing tool, with some great info being shared. Read it if you’re involved with small business.

3 perspectives on Marketing a New Business Through Blogging

Hastell Bold ‘a’ Stool

(via swiss-miss)

It’s ridiculously expensive, but also a beautifully crafted example of thinking outside the box. Is there anything Helvetica CAN’T do?

Hestell Helvetica Stool

Toshiba Libretto W100

This dual screen laptop is gorgeous. I have no idea how well it runs or anything “important” like that, but c’mon. Look at it and tell me you don’t want it.

Toshiba Libretto W100

That’s it! See you on Monday!

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