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Found Fridays

Welcome one & all to Found Friday Vol 14. This week gives a special shout-out to SwissMiss, because 3 of the items featured here I found first on her blog. I suggest following & bookmarking her site, as it’s a gold mine for solid & interesting design. This week’s finds include a super simple link-compiling web app, a new entry into the simple online store category, a Tumblr blog devoted to awesome & old-school letterheads, a beautiful HTML5 infographic, and a good tutorial on using patterns in Photoshop & Illustrator. Enjoy, share, and see you next week!


Urlist is a super simple & useful web app. It’s a way to compile & share links you’ve found – for example, say you are building a website that has a mega-huge navigation system. You could research for sites that have good examples of large nav systems, compile the URLs using Urlist, and share it with your client/designer. Like I said: simple & useful.


It seems that, while so many web-related applications have gotten easier & easier to implement, ecommerce is still a little daunting. FoxyCart is great, but still takes a bit to set up and get running. Enter a new, purportedly simpler solution: Vender. Essentially, you set up a “store” link on your website, and when you click it, Vendr opens in an overlay (not a pop-up). Sounds pretty great; there are various pricing schemes to check out on their site.


Need some old-school print inspiration? Check out Letterheady, a blog dedicated to showcasing old-school letterhead designs. Charles Atlas’ is so awesome.

HTML5 Infographic

Confused with all this Jobs vs Adobe, HTML5 vs Flash stuff going on? Perhaps this (beautifully designed) HTML5 infographic will help you out. Creative-commons licensed, so download away!

HTML5 Flickr Original Graphic

6 Ways to Use a Seamless Pattern in PS & Illy

Patterns are a great tool for any designer, regardless of whether you’re a print or web designer. Check out this super-easy tutorial on using them in Photoshop & Illustrator.

Seamless Patterns in PS & Illy

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