Found Friday Vol 6

Found Fridays

I’m finally getting out of town this weekend; going to go do a bit of snowboarding. I wish I could follow that sentence with a good segue into something related, but really I’m just bragging. Anyway, welcome to another Found Friday, where we round up the favorites shared in the design community this week. This installment has some great work from the world-renowned Pentagram, a nice little CSS cheat sheet, a cool iPod touch stand, an interesting outsourcing option for a small business, and a great post on building an ecommerce store using WordPress. Enjoy!

Pentagram: Achievement First Endeavor Middle School

Pentagram is world-renowned for a reason – they do remarkable work. Not only do they do great identity work, but they also get to work on amazing projects like transforming the interior of a school, with little else but some paint and great typography.

Pentagram Design School

CSS Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets are popular; even the ones we make. This little CSS cheat sheet is being passed around the design community like wildfire, and it’s no wonder why. Easy to understand and use!

CSS Cheat Sheet

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Simple solutions are the best; this is a prime example. No more bending paperclips for ME!


Ruby Receptionists

Small business? Need a receptionist but can’t afford to employ one full-time? Ruby Receptionists might be for you – they provide trained, virtual receptionists from their Portland office for a cost much lower than employing one.

Ruby Receptionists

How to: WordPress & ECommerce

Like all other technology, ecommerce is getting more and more simple to tackle. Check out this great post on using WP ECommerce and WordPress to build an ecommerce store – if you can work in WordPress, you can have an online store.

Wordpress and e-commerce

Thanks for tuning in; see you next week!


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