Found Friday Vol 13

Found Fridays

We’re at unlucky number 13 here for Found Fridays on the Paper Leaf blog; however this week’s finds are anything but. We have a brilliantly designed box set for a brilliant show, some great new work from Pentagram, the world’s coolest custom-designed Nike shoes, yet another option for live text on the web, and a great CSS3 button-maker. Read on, & please share!

LOST: The Complete Collection

I am a total LOST nerd. I got in late on the action, and proceeded to watch 5 seasons in about 2 months. It was a glorious time in my life. Anyway, now that the series is over and I feel empty inside, here comes the standard box set for sale. The design of the LOST box set is really something worth paying attention to; there is a lot that happened in that show in 6 seasons, and it was the designer’s job to catch those events, those feelings, and transpose ’em to a box set. Good job, I’d say.

LOST Complete Collection

Pentagram: New Work for Saks

Whenever Pentagram posts new work, I always go check it out. Usually my reaction to whatever logo they created is “It’s alright”… but then I see the collateral, which reaffirms why they’re Pentagram and we’re not. Amazing work – a must see.

Pentagram New Work

25 New Nike Designs

Yes, yes – Nike is evil, sweatshops, child labour, cobras, boo and so forth. But these Nikes are custom-designed by a guy named Daniel Reese. He does a huge variety of themed Nike kicks – Twitter, Google (shown below), Simpsons, Green Lantern (I’d actually wear those) and more. Go have a look.

25 New Nike Designs


Right on the heels of Google’s Font API comes Fontdeck, another way for designers & developers to get away from the tried, tested and boring web-safe fonts of old.


CSS3 Button Maker

Again with the awesomeness, Chris from CSS-Tricks built this super-easy-to-use CSS3 button maker. As noted from his site, “I’m saying ‘CSS3’, because these make use of gradients, shadows, and rounded corners which contribute greatly to their button-ness. In older browers that don’t support these properties, the fallback is solid-color background, no shadows, and square corners. Not a big deal.”

CSS3 Button Maker

That’s it! See you next week.

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