Found Friday Vol 10

Found Fridays

10! 10 Found Fridays! Ah ah ahhhhh that was terrible. To make up for the unprecedented lameness of that joke, allow me to present to you 5 awesome design finds from this week: a print site updated daily with images you can order, a beautiful and useful laptop backpack, cool wedding invitations (’tis the season), and two super interesting blog posts about people and design (specifically, increasing conversion rates on websites and self-promotion). Read on, reader – and please share!


We’re always looking for ways to beautify the walls here at Paper Leaf headquarters. PrintCollection offers a new image daily that you can order – museum quality prints, according to their website. Check it out!

InCase Lucky Bag

This bag is a perfect example of beauty in simplicity. I want one. Real bad.

100 Unique Wedding Invitations

It’s spring, and with spring comes the beginning of wedding season. Thus, here are 100 really cool wedding invites for your inspiration. Even if you’re just looking for print design inspiration, I’d check these out (ps. Paper Leaf does wedding invite design… just sayin’).

Human Photos Double Your Conversion Rate

According to this (brief) study, human photos can double conversion rates on websites. Makes sense; people want to connect emotionally, not just throw money at a faceless organization. However, with a mug like this, Paper Leaf might have to go the stock route. Or maybe we should  just use photos of Andy. Anyway, have a read and quote this to your clients if they don’t like your design with beautiful people all over it.

Self-Promotion vs. Self-Aggrandizement

In line with the previous link, this great blog post talks about the difference between self-promotion (a celebration!) vs. self-aggrandizement (insecure, arrogant… just plain not cool). Have a read, because it’s eye-opening.

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