For Your Clients: How to Use WordPress

For Our Clients

This post is based on an old version of WordPress.

Here at Paper Leaf, we do a decent amount of WordPress blog design & implementation for our clients. While WordPress is super easy to learn, you can’t just build your clients a blog, send them the login information and then disappear off of the face of the earth. Where’s the customer service, people?!? Ideally, we sit down for a half hour or hour with our clients to show them the basics of how to use their new blog (writing a post, adding categories, checking stats, uploading photos, adding users). However, sometimes a face-to-face meet up isn’t doable; we offer graphic & web design in Edmonton, but many of our clients are outside of the city.

Click here to download the free basic WordPress author's guide

To combat this, we built a very simple reference guide to give to our clients that explains how to do the following in their new WordPress blog:

  • write a new blog entry
  • save, preview & publish a post
  • add tags (and what that means)
  • add categories (and what that means)
  • check blog stats
  • use the Media section
  • moderate comments
  • update plugins
  • add a new user

This covers about 99% of what most basic blog users need to know, and it provides them with a resource they can come back to when needed, share within their business, and so forth. It’s sort of a basic WordPress author’s guide suitable to email and view on screen – click here to download it (or click the image above).

We figured that since this guide has been helpful to us, maybe it will be helpful to other designers who use WordPress. Here’s hoping! Anyway, share freely (but not as your own, please!)

*note: we install the Site Stats plugin for all clients – if you use this guide, I recommend doing the same, or your clients might be confused as to why they don’t have a Site Stats link.

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