COVID-19 Update: We Are Going Fully Remote

For Our Clients

It’s strange times in the world right now. More cases of COVID19 are emerging in Alberta and Canada, and in order to practice social distancing, flatten the curve, and be generally responsible, Paper Leaf will shift to fully remote work effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020. That means our last day in our physical office space, for the time being, will be today (March 16, 2020). We will monitor updates from AHS and WHO in order to determine when we will be back working in our downtown Edmonton office space. At this time, that timeline remains unknown.

I want to stress that, outside of working remotely, it is business as usual for us. Our projects are still trucking along, our deliverables haven’t changed, and our timelines all remain the same. What you will see is a shift in the way our team works or in the meetings that we have with you as our client (or prospective client). That means:

  1. Video conference calls using tools like Google Hangouts Meet in lieu of in-person meetings
  2. Remote workshops using tools like Miro instead of onsite workshops
  3. Continued use of the tools we already use in this fashion, such as Invision for UX/UI testing, Asana for project task communication and updates, and so forth.

While this will be a change to the way we work with our local clients, our team already works this way with many of our clients located outside of Edmonton. Our standard delivery model already employs the tools, infrastructure, and practices necessary to efficiently facilitate distributed work, and we are entirely experienced and comfortable working in this manner. Please consider us if you need additional delivery assistance as you navigate the unfolding events, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about working with us during these strange times.

Thank you.

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