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Found Friday Vol 86-2


Well, it’s been a couple of weeks, thanks to stat holidays (and me being a lazy bum), but we’re back with another episode of Found Friday! This week we have: some handy Javascript for styling checkboxes, radio buttons etc; possibly the world’s easiest invoicing app; a great new book that is a must-read for all professional designers; some beautifully designed, fun pennants for your house; and a … Comic Sans bookmarklet. What?

Styling Checkboxes & Radio Buttons 

Some handy Javascript here – a good tutorial overall on styling checkboxes, radio buttons and the like using CSS & Javascript (and images). Worth a read.

Styling Checkboxes & Radio Buttons


I challenge you to find a simpler way to invoice. It’s not robust – it’s just dead easy. Have a look.

Billable App

Design is a Job

Mike Monteiro from Mule Design wrote this book. If you charge for your design work – which I hope you do – you need to read this book. It’s that simple.

Design is a Job - Book

The People’s Pennant

“Why not rally around things in life?” states the People’s Pennant homepage. They have a point – and it’s easy to rally around things when your motivational pennant has some gorgeous typography (via swiss-miss).

The People's Pennant

Comic-Sans It!

Yeah… I don’t know why you’d ever want to use this. Actually, if your coworker leaves his/her computer open, you could install this bookmarklet, click it, and turn whatever page they’re on into a Comic Sans party. If that’s not nerdy designer humor, I don’t know what is.

Comic Sans Bookmarklet

See you next week!

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