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Found Friday Vol 73


73 seems like an absurd number. I don’t know what else in my life I have done 73 times. Anyway, this week’s Found Friday includes some great finds, as always: a great article/tutorial on designing a responsive site; a sweet combo charger for us Apple nerds; a site that shows a bunch of logos created strictly in CSS (with code); some touchscreen-compatible winter gloves; and a “fish hotel” so even your fish can be stylin’.

How to Design a Mobile Responsive Website

A lengthy but easy-to-grasp article on mobile responsive website design. If you have any questions about responsive design, read this article. It’ll help immensely.

How to Design a Responsive Mobile Site


Yes. Yes, I am tired of carrying a MacBook and iPhone/iPad charger every time I leave the house. What’s that, you say? You’ve combined the two into some sort of magical dual charging device?


CSS Logos

This site is a gallery of logos created solely with CSS. Plus the code. Pretty cool stuff.

CSS Logos

MUJI Touchscreen Gloves

‘Tis the season! It’s getting cold outside, but you’re still mega-popular. What’s a handsome guy to do? Buy these gloves! That’s what.

Muji Touchscreen Gloves

Umbra Fish Hotel

Not gonna lie – I think fish are the most pointless pet ever. But some people don’t, and some people like design. So here’s a designy fish hotel for you.

Umbra Fish Hotel

See you next week!

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