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6 of the Best Sites for Premium Fonts


Us designers…. we love our fonts. Free fonts are all well and good, but because the entry point is $0.00, there are a few issues that arise: mainly, quality can be substandard and overuse of the same well-designed fonts can be rampant. One solution? Buck up and pay for some beautifully made premium fonts. There are a huge number of websites out there willing to sell you fonts, but the following sites are my favorites.



FontFont claims that they are the “world’s largest library of original, contemporary typefaces” – and it’s tough to dispute, given the volume of quality typefaces they have available for purchase. Everything is here, from clean sans-serifs to crazy display fonts.

Popular: FF DIN
New: FF Spinoza

Hoefler & Frere Jones

Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Responsible for some of the most beautiful typefaces around – like Gotham, which is used by absolutely everyone ever on earth, including us – H&FJ has a smaller library of families available for purchase. It’s not the quantity though; it’s the quality.

Popular: Gotham
New: Ideal Sans

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FontSpring has a great collection of typefaces available, and they can be purchased per-weight (as opposed to full-families only). This makes FontSpring a great choice for designers on a budget, or if you’re shopping around for that perfect typeface for an identity design client. Plus, they have very reasonable @font-face licenses.

Popular: Proxima Nova
New: Gibson



MyFonts has a huge collection of fonts available for purchase – serif, sans-serif, display, blackletter, you name it. And not only can you purchase fonts, they also have some fonts available for free as well as a great font identifying tool, WhatTheFont.

Popular: Brandon Grotesque
New: Georgie



Veer has over 12,000 fonts available that start at $10. There are some beauties in their collection; however, their site interface makes finding the font you’re after, or popular fonts, a little more difficult than it has to be. If you take your time, though, you will be rewarded.

Popular: Strangelove
New: Memoriam Pro

House Industries

House Industries

House Industries is probably best known for their Neutraface family, but that’s not all they have to offer. Check out some of their fun display fonts and hand-drawn fonts. Their interface is great for quickly seeing how a font family could be used, too.

Popular: Neutraface
New: Not sure, but Burbank is sweet.

Which of these font websites do you frequent? Which font websites did I leave out that are a staple for you? Let me know in the comments!

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