Mobile App Development

What is a cross platform mobile app?

A cross platform mobile app is simply an app that can be accessed and used on multiple platforms. So, if one person uses Apple devices, they can download your app from the Apple App Store and use it on their iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device. And if another person uses Android devices, they can access your app from the Google Play Store and use it on their Samsung phone or other Android device. 

This differs from native app development, which is the term for apps that are created specifically for a single platform. These apps can offer improved quality cross platform app development has many benefits beyond wider accessibility—it’s a smart choice for our developer team and your organization too. Some of the benefits include: 

Save Time & Money with Code Sharing

Thanks to the code sharing features or React Native, we save time on getting your app up and running. Sharing code also saves your organization time and money on maintenance in the long term, since there is only one codebase to maintain. 

Easy Onboarding for Developers

React Native uses JavaScript, one of the most commonly used and well-understood coding languages available. This means that the learning curve for building and maintaining your app is much lower for our team and any future developers your organization may hire to help out with the app. 

Getting Started

Our cross platform mobile app development process

We use React Native to craft apps for both iOS and Android. React Native enables us to share code across platforms, eliminating the redundant work of recreating an app from scratch whenever we want to make it available on more than one platform. It also provides many of the benefits of both cross platform app development and native app development.

With this framework, we’re able to follow our standard Mobile App Development Process with a few extra perks: 

Hot Reloading Feature

Hot reloading means that our developers can update your app without taking it down for maintenance. This decreases disruption to your users and simplifies the update process, saving your organization time and money again. 

UI and Performance Focus

React Native provides cross platform functionality without sacrificing the quality of an app built custom for a specific platform. Because it only uses JavaScript, instead of multiple languages like a single-platform app, applications built with React Native load incredibly quickly, resulting in a better experience for your users. 

Our custom cross platform mobile app development services

Using React Native in conjunction with other tools like, Laravel, Invision, Docker, Test Flight and Google Play Tests we offer a broad range of cross platform mobile app development services. Which services are necessary for your project will depend on what your goals and requirements are. 

The following services are available to your organization:

  • Prototyping
  • Design Systems
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • API Development / Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Migration
  • CI/CD
  • Automated Testing

These services are not all necessary for every project, but your organization will still enjoy the benefit of our team’s broad expertise. Our knowledge of all these facets of the cross platform app development process gives us an advantage when it comes to problem solving and creative thinking—two skills that are necessary for every app project. Our diverse skillset also comes in handy when we encounter unexpected twists and turns in the process, helping us pivot when necessary and spot opportunities for added attention to detail whenever they arise. 

Experienced and Trusted

We’re experts in cross platform mobile app development

We are happy to offer cross platform mobile app development for your company—whatever your needs are. We have many years’ experience and some of the brightest team members in the industry working together to provide your organization a cross platform app that suits exactly your unique needs. 

With our expertise paired with powerful tools like React Native, we can expertly execute your project.