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Transforming a brand through UX and UI

WesTower Communications Ltd. is Canada’s largest telecommunications construction company, with a client base that includes Rogers, Huawei, and Ericsson, as well as oil & gas companies including Suncor. The problems? Their existing website was an off-the-shelf WordPress theme that made them look like a mom-and-pop shop – not a business with 13 offices and 750+ employees – and didn’t support any employee or client-specific content.

With that in mind, we were brought on board to solve those problems. We needed to design and build an innovative, functional, and brand-transforming WesTower website – one that would demonstrate to current and future B2B customers the competency, value and breadth of WesTower’s service lines.


Conversion Rate

The primary high-intent lead source is the Get a Quote form, which converts at nearly 6%.


Languages Supported

Working across North America means the site needs to support both English & French languages.


Bounce Rate

Bounce rate has decreased 12%, indicating a tighter alignment between search and content.

Unique Features

This custom WordPress build includes powerful page composition capabilities via our unique Layout Engine, which empowers content managers while working within their established design system. Multilingual content is supported via WPML and browser language preference detection, and is managed through the back-end of WordPress. This allows for accurate Canadian English and Canadian French content to be served up based on the user’s specified preferred language. The site focuses on engagement through small moments of joy as users move through the site. Background video is integrated into the homepage while ensuring fast page load speeds, and unique interaction design flourishes prompt users to engage with the content as they navigate.

A catalogue is in the process of being developed for the next release, designed to showcase the breadth and depth of products that WesTower’s three steel fabrication facilities can build for customers.


WesTower’s new site is a long way from their previous one – in the best way imaginable. Their online presence effectively represents the organization, and has made huge strides in the UX department for staff, clients, and prospective clients.