Our Design Process – An Infographic

For Our Clients

Over here at Paper Leaf Design, we make much ado about communication & process. In our minds, these two elements are key to a successful design project – whether it be print, identity, web or something else.

A while ago, I made up an infographic detailing our process. The purpose of this infographic was to give our clients a quick overview as to how we work, from meeting through launch, so they know what to expect in a design project. We haven’t really used this infographic yet – our own marketing materials are constantly being pushed to the backburner – but I thought some people may find it interesting. The end version will likely see a few changes to better reflect the direction we’re heading as a business, but overall the process remains more or less the same. Here’s the graphic (click to view large version):

Design Process Infographic

Our process is generally broken down into these elements:

  • Meet (the client)
  • Research
  • Sketch
  • Concepts (graphic says 3; it depends on the project & budget though)
  • Present
  • Revise
  • Deliver, and
  • Launch.

Nothing groundbreaking, but if you’re at a loss as to how to maximize your efficiency and keep your projects on point (scope creep is bad! Boo!), give this process a try. Some of our friends at print marketing phoenix have told me this information is gold.

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