Found Friday Vol 69

Found Fridays

It’s F-F-F-F-Found Friday 69, everyone! Commence your joyous celebrations for the following great finds this week: a UI stencil kit; a tutorial on how to build a responsive image gallery; some awesome color-dipped mugs for you fellow caffeine fiends; a bunch of useful CSS snippets; and a web app that turns your static website design mockups into actual clickable test sites.

UI Stencils

These stencil kits are a great way to lay out your next project, be it web/iPhone/iPad etc, on paper. Handy!

UI Stencils

Responsive Image Gallery with Thumbnail Carousel

This tutorial teaches you how to make what the phrase above says. I’m too lazy to type that out again. Copy and paste you say? What am I, some sort of internet wizard?

Responsive Gallery

Color Dipped Mugs

I drink coffee. A lot of it. All day. I have two favorite mugs (used to be three until one met an untimely end) – perhaps I’ll add one of these awesome color dipped mugs to my quiver.

Color Dipped Mugs

Incredibly Useful CSS Snippets

CSS resets, browser hacks, etc etc etc. Worth a look and potentially a bookmark, you crazy web developer you.

CSS Snippets


Their tagline is “turn your mockups into prototypes and get feedback fast”. And that’s what it does. Seems like it could be a useful (and free) tool for web designers (via @CategoryCode).


See you next week!

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