Found Friday Vol 57

Found Fridays

This week’s Found Friday is a combination of silly & useful design finds. We have: bacon ipsum; a new jQuery slider; a collection of great WordPress tips & tricks; the authorized Steve Jobs biography; and a letter-holder bookend. Enjoy!

Bacon Ipsum

Tired of Lorem Ipsum? Try Bacon Ipsum! Prepare yourself for some quizzical responses if you actually mock up & send a client design using this.

Bacon Ipsum

TN3 Gallery

A slick jQuery-powered image gallery plugin. Freemium – the free model is quite useful, and the other licenses are very reasonable.

TN3 jQuery Gallery

40+ Best WordPress Tips & Tutorials

A great collection of WP tips & tricks, especially for those using WP as a CMS.

40+ WordPress Tips


The authorized Steve Jobs biography for you fanboys and girls out there. Who am I kidding; I’ll read it.

iSteve - Steve Jobs Biography

Letter Holder Bookend

Kill two birds with one stone! Organize your books AND your letters with this ingenious solution.

LetterHolder Bookeend

See you next week!

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