Found Friday Vol 50

Found Fridays

50 volumes of Found Friday – the best design finds of the week – and we’re still going strong. This week is an especially strong one to send you off on your Easter long weekend: a fun example of what can be down with Lettering.js; a great tutorial on getting handmade print effects in Illustrator; a beautiful set of icons based off of Helvetica bold; 10 new & useful jQuery plugins for your website designs; and an in-depth look at CSS3 vs. CSS. Enjoy!

Kerning Me Softly

Go to this URL, click between a pair of letters, and use the A and S keys on your keyboard to adjust kerning. Fun for type nerds, intriguing for the future of typography on the web. (via swiss-miss)

Kerning with Lettering.js

Achieve Handmade Print Effects

Illustrator is the industry standard for vector illustration for a reason; however, you have to put a bit more work in to achieve handmade print effects, if that’s what you’re going for. Luckily we have this handy tutorial from Computer Arts magazine.

Handmade Illustrator Effects


This premium icon set is based off of the Helvetica Bold typeface. The set is beautifully designed, and there are three packages for purchase. Worth a look!


Top 10 Useful jQuery Plugins – March 2011

It seems like kind-hearted and skilled web developers release new jQuery plugins on the daily; it can be hard to keep up with. This article highlights some of the best released in March – definitely worth a look if you’re a web designer/developer.

jQuery Plugins March 2011

CSS3 vs. CSS: A Speed Benchmark

Once again, Smashing comes through with a thoroughly researched and applicable article for web designers. The short version? Use [nicely degradable] CSS3 if you aren’t already. It’s faster in all areas.

CSS3 vs CSS: A Speed Benchmark

That’s it – enjoy your long weekend!

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