Found Friday Vol 46

Found Fridays

Hey all! Welcome to Found Friday Volume 46 – the best design finds o’ the week. This week is a good one:  a great plugin for WordPress developers (including those of us who use WordPress as a CMS); a super-informative writeup on the self-publishing of Digging into WordPress; some great March Madness t-shirts; a completely free (and awesome-seeming) web-based project management app; and a fun little camera-inspired pencil sharpener.

WordPress Developer Tools Plugin

In their own words, this plugin “creates an admin user interface for many of the code-enabled features in WordPress and commonly used web development libraries. The Developer Tools plugin can also generate template code for theme development.” I think we may give it a try on our next build.

Wordpress Development

What We Learned Publishing Digging into WordPress

For those of you who have considered, or are currently considering, self-publishing a book of any sort must read this article. Chris & Jeff cover absolutely everything that went down during the whole self-publishing process of their book, Digging into WordPress.

Publishing Digging into WordPress

Homage March Madness Tees

I’m a fan of basketball, vintage tees and good design. Well-designed vintage basketball tees, you say? Don’t mind if I do!

March Madness T-Shirts


I’ve been hunting around in my spare time for a suitable project management app that a) was intuitive, b) well-built and c) wouldn’t break the bank. Low and behold, Freedcamp meets all those requirements – plus, it’s totally free. I signed up & played around; it looks like a keeper. Have a look.

Freedcamp Project Management

Camera Pencil Sharpener

Most of us remember having the old-school pencil sharpeners attached to the wall in our grade-school classrooms. If you don’t… thanks for making me feel old. Check out this take on the good ol’ days, but with camera-inspired goodness! (via swiss-miss)

Camera Pencil Sharpener

That’s it! See you next week.

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