Found Friday Vol 39

Found Fridays

Bonjour & welcome to Found Friday Vol 39. This week we have a great collection of useful/fun finds: a jQuery plugin that resizes text, 10 great web conferences to attend this year, a new website solely for geek gifts, a collection of useful web-based tools for designers, and a joystick that attaches to your iPad. Read on!


BigText makes text big. Specifically, it’s a jQuery plugin that “takes a single element and sizes the text inside of its child divs to fit the width of the parent element. Gives the text that lovely vertical alignment.” I need to use this.

Big Text JQuery Plugin for Web Designers

10 Best Upcoming Web Conferences

Learning online is great, but there is something to be said for immersing yourself in a well-run conference. You meet and learn from like-minded graphic designer, web designers, web developers and more, and come back reinvigorated. Check these 10 out.

Conferences for Web Designers


Geeks + gifts = Geefts. Cool idea – I bet you find something you want.

Geefts - Gifts for Design Geeks

8 Useful Sites for Web Developers

At this point, I’m almost getting overwhelmed with the amount of “do one thing, do it well” websites out there, but so many are so useful! Here’s 8 more for you. My bookmarks folder is overflowing!

Useful Sites for Web Designers


Ingenious design solution here – take an aluminum joystick, stick it on your iPad, and relive your ’80’s arcade gaming glory.

JoyStick-It for iPad

See you next week!

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