Found Friday Vol 28

Found Fridays

G’day, readers, and welcome to Volume 28 of Found Fridays – the best design finds of the week! This week we have 10+ great free ebooks for freelancers, an interesting point/counterpoint about what designers and clients need for a successful relationship, some shots of the Etsy headquarters (great design!), a new web app for artists who want to sell digital downloads & the like, and an informative post on using WordPress custom post types. Read on, readers!

10 (Plus) Great Free eBooks: My Top Picks for Freelancers

Nothing like some light reading for your weekend, right? Check out these great, free eBooks for freelancers. I really need to get an iPad.

10 Free eBooks for Freelancers

Dear Website Designer/Dear Client

Drawar has some great posts; these are two that stuck out this week. It’s important for us web designers to understand how to get the best out of the client, but also to understand what the client needs from us. It’s easy to get stuck in our own little world sometimes. (Dear Website Designer post link, Dear Client post link).

Dear Website Designer

Etsy Headquarters

Swiss Miss got to take a little tour of the Etsy headquarters, and she summed it up perfectly: “their office is 100% true to their brand”.

Etsy Headquarters


From their site: “Pulley is a simple way to sell your digital art, music, videos, photography, fonts, eBooks, software, and other downloadable goods.” Worth checking out if that’s up your alley, or as an option for a client with a lower budget.

Pulley App

WordPress Custom Post Types Guide

WordPress custom post types: supposedly awesome, but somewhat mystifying. De-mystify with this informative post! You still have to use your imagination when it comes to potential uses for the feature, but it’s worth a read.

Wordpress Custom Post Types Guide

That’s it! Have a great weekend.

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