Found Friday Vol 26

Found Fridays

Ahoy hoy! Welcome to Volume 26 of Found Fridays – the best design finds of the week. This week we have some beautiful movie-inspired posters, a great post on how to customize the WordPress admin panel (without plugins), an easy way to keep track of all the new stuff Google is putting out, a great little online printing price checker, and a super lightweight and aesthetically sound jQuery slider. Read on yo!

37 Posters

A series of posters inspired by movies and their respective great quotes. I was sold as soon as I saw the Big Lebowski. Now I want a White Russian.


How to Customize the WordPress Admin Area

WordPress is a killer CMS, and we’ve explored how to make WordPress an even better CMS on this here blog. This article over on Six Revisions takes it to a whole other level though: 1) customize the back end, 2) impress your clients, 3) ???, 4) PROFIT. For real though, have a read if you use WordPress as a CMS.

Wordpress Customization

Google New

Google makes and releases more new products than…. I don’t know, some sort of New Product… Assembly Line… Store. Whatever. Anyway, Google New is a simple way to keep up to date with what Google’s creative team is doing. I suggest checking it out, because while they release some stinkers like Google Wave, the majority of Google’s products are free, helpful, and worth looking at.

Google New

Online Printing Quote Machine

There’s a lot of printing options out there for those of us who use online printing on occasion; check out this “machine” (aka website) that price checks for you (via swiss-miss).

Online Printing Quote Machine


I know, I know, another jQuery slider. But THIS one is different. By different, I mean really, really similar, but simple to implement, lightweight, and with some cool features.

Orbit jQuery Slider

That’s it! See you next week.

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