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Found Fridays

You know how much I love you guys? I’m writing this on my birthday. Shouldn’t it be a personal stat holiday or something? Regardless, my impending oldness is no match for the gems found out in the design world this week. We have a great article on why the mobile web isn’t the next big thing; a simple, free cloud-based invoicing app; a great, simpler, lighter take on the Bounce app; another dead-simple e-commerce integration app; and finally, a look into Adobe Illustrator’s upcoming HTML5 integration. Read on, readers!

The Mobile Web is NOT the Next Big Thing

John O’Nolan writes a great article on why we shouldn’t believe all the hype about the mobile web being the “next big thing” and how it’s going to replace traditional desktops/laptops etc. He gives a great analogy: “desktop is to mobile as car is to motorcycle”.

Why the Mobile Web ISN'T the Next Big Thing

Invoice Bubble

A super simple, cloud-based invoicing application with virtually every feature you’d need (including letting you receive payments via PayPal). The free version means you have to have an InvoiceBubble link on your invoices; otherwise it’s $5 a month or $55 a year for the link-free version.

Invoice Bubble


A while ago we covered the Bounce app in Found Fridays; An Event Apart ran a contest that had people submitting web apps that were 10kb or less. One of the best was a lighter, simpler take on Bounce, called TinyBounce. Check it out.



E-commerce implementation – at least for smaller stores – keeps getting simpler. Check out Wazala, which runs a freemium model that lets you have 5 items in your store for free. Not bad for smaller retailers.


Adobe Illustrator + HTML5

Adobe Illustrator is releasing an add-on pack for the CS5 version of their software that turns it into an HTML5 editing application. Interesting to see Adobe hedging their bets with Flash vs. HTML5. See a brief description of what it can do here.

Adobe Illustrator HTML5

And a special nod to Web Designer Depot’s 20+ New Apps and Websites for Designers, where I found a couple of these guys. That’s it! See you next week.

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