Found Friday Vol 21

Found Fridays

I barely had time for Found Friday this week; it’s been bananas around the Paper Leaf offices these days! However, I still managed to find the following killer items & articles out there on the ol’ interweb this week: an erasable Sharpie that turns permanent after a few days, an amazing music video that uses hilariously bad stock video footage (intentionally), 25 cool Google logos, an article on integrating social media into your website as well as an article with 20+ great new web apps for designers/developers. Read on!


This “liquid pencil”, as it’s being billed, is awesome. You can write & erase it, but after 3 days it turns permanent like a regular Sharpie. Key ingredient: magic.


Ratatat Music Video

Not only is this song great, the video is too. The gents from Ratatat decided to create a whole music video using only (hilariously bad) stock video footage. It’s uncomfortable yet hilarious to watch. Like the Office.

Ratatat Music Video

25 Most Creative Google National Logos

Google has very few rules for their logo use; in this post, you can see how their designers went to town when making nationally themed Google logos. Interesting stuff; not always good, but interesting nonetheless.

Google Logos

How to Integrate Social Media into Your Website

Social media is the new black! You don’t have social media integrated into your website yet, you say? Well, put down the price sheet for your Yellow Pages ad, Grandpa, read this article, and get with the now.

Integrate Social Media into Your Website

20+ New Apps & Websites for Designers

This is a must-read article over on WebDesignerDepot. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the items in it, but I bet you haven’t seen ’em all – and you don’t want to miss something game-changing, right? Personally, I’m digging CloudApp.

20 Apps and Websites for Designers

See you next week!

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