Found Friday Vol 11

Found Fridays

It’s the long weekend, and I’m off to Montreal to see the sights. By “sights” I mean “riots” if the Habs win. Hopefully you have some good plans for the weekend too – if not, here are 6 tasty finds from this week in the design world to get you through the weekend. This week’s instalment includes a cool book for geeks who are dads, Google’s new font library & API, a cool poster explaining where cursors come from, an alternative to boring “Closed” signs, a free and useful vector pack of barcodes as well as a bunch of free offline tools for wireframing websites. Read on, readers!

Geek Dad

Are you a geek, who also happens to be a dad? Do you want some way to share your geekdom with your child? Then check out Geek Dad, a book of projects that geeky dads can do with their sons/daughters.

Geek Dad book

Google Fonts API

Font-face is great – we use it all the time – but it’s not without its flaws. There are other alternatives out there, like Typekit, but lookout: Google just entered the fray with their new Fonts API and library. Check out this post that explains it, and shows how simple it is to implement.

Google Fonts API

Where Cursors Come From

Oh, so THAT’s where cursors come!

Where Cursors Come From

Yes, We’re/Sorry, We’re

Need another way to show how unique you are? Then hang one of these bad boys in your shop window. Super cool idea.

Sorry Posters

40 Free Vector Barcode Graphics

These barcodes could be used for normal applications (like an album mockup), or as a design element in a grungy poster design or similar. Download it and keep it in your toolbox!

Free Vector Barcode Graphics

Useful (Offline) Utensils & Toolkits for Designers

We’ve talked before about being an efficient designer and working with pencil/pen before hopping into the Creative Suite. With that in mind, check out this collection of useful offline – ie. not on the computer – utensils and toolkits for designers. More for your toolbox!

Wireframes etc for Designers

Thanks for reading – see you next week!

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