More Expression Through Emojis : The Pre-Coffee Jeff Emoticon


At Paper Leaf, we’re always looking for new mediums to express ourselves, and often this happens through emojis. But we found that there isn’t always the right emoji to express our early morning feelings. Enter the Pre-Coffee Jeff emoji.

Discovery Phase:

The need for the emoji rose over a lack of being able to express ourselves in Slack. Normal emojis just weren’t gonna cut it.

Slack 2016-04-01 13-28-52

We felt this was genesis and the beginning of a great idea. We then deliberately (definitely not on accident), gauged interest on social media for public interest in such a thing. And we were blown away:

Jeff Archibald on Twitter The team @paper_leaf decided to make a custom “unhappy Jeff” emoji in Slack & then use it all the t… 2016-04-01 13-30-28

The one response blew us away. So we made this a top a priority to bring to the public.

Get it right now!

Starting today you can download and implement a custom emoji in slack today!

All you have to do is:

  1. Download this nice image we created
  2. Follow the steps at slack to create a custom emoji (
  3. Get crazy with your emotions

We hope you enjoy this, and maybe we’ll see a full Jeff emoji set in the future.

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